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Level Designer

Baka Bros Entertainment

Multiplayer Racing Game


  • Designed and constructed race tracks for Chaos Kart, a multiplayer racing game within Unreal Engine 

  • Created level blockouts of tracks while integrating engaging gameplay mechanics and intended player experience

  • Leveraged level design techniques to engineer strategic risk-reward scenarios, ensuring a balanced player experience

  • Collaborated and communicated with the design, art, and engineering teams to refine layouts and improve gameplay flow

Link to the playable demo on Steam 



Over the past four years, I've crafted game experiences for multiplayer and single player games in open world and linear game environments. 

My creative journey has encompassed worldbuilding and level design, systems design, and the crafting of quests, player challenges, and puzzles, all while drawing inspiration from player psychology. 

I've brought my design to life by scripting game mechanics, player abilities, player interactions, gameplay events, UI elements, NPC encounters, and playable level challenges in Unity and Unreal Engine.

Here you can find some of my game development projects:

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