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Third Person Shooter Game in UEFN | PvE | 2023


Genre: 3rd Person Shooter 

Software: Unreal Editor For Fortnite (UEFN)

Project Type: Solo Project

Development Time: 1 Week

My Role: Game Designer, Level Designer, Technical Game Designer

My Responsibilities

  • Designed and modeled PvE level challenges, NPC encounters, and combat system to make the game progression engaging

  • Designed and implemented macro and micro game beats

  • Created an open world environment by sculpting the terrain from scratch and applying different textures to bring the landscape to life.

  • Strategically placed environmental elements and props in the level not only to enhance the island’s appeal but also to communicate with and guide the player.

  • Incorporated the player character, collectibles, consumables, devices, and weapons based on the game objectives and challenges

Game Concept

Player is on a mission to explore the island, gathering clues to fulfill the objective. She encounters hostile enemies on her way and will have challenging combat. There are collectibles along the way to help her achieve her goal.


Level Design

Click on the images to see the descriptions

Player Experience



Each NPC encounter has a unique challenge for the player, which makes the game fun to play. The challenges are designed in an scaffolding way and in increasingly complex ways over the course of several encounters to have a rewarding progression in gameplay.



Players need to strategize their actions in combat and be careful in exploring the environment because the NPC are located in different areas across the map, which spice up the challenges in the game. 



There are different kinds of geometry, elevation, and environmental elements which evokes the player's curiosity for exploration. Also, there are multiple collectibles on the level which adds to the variety of play styles in combat.

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