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Obstacle Assault | 3D Platformer | 2023


Genre: 3D Platformer 

SoftwareUnreal Engine 5

Project Type: Solo Project

Development Time: 2 Weeks

My Role: Level Designer, Technical Game Designer

My Responsibilities

  • Designed and modeled level challenges

  • Developed different functionalities for multiple kinds of platforms and obstacles using C++ programming and Blueprints

Game Concept

Obstacle Assault is a 3D platformer inspired by Fall Guys. In this game, I designed and developed a variety of platforming challenges in Unreal Engine, using C++ and Blueprints. The objective of the game is to successfully navigate the platforms and obstacles to reach the castle at the end of the level

Prototyping Strategies

       Project Risks       

  • Risk of failing to balance the difficulty of the platforming challenges with the players skills

  • Risk of failing to create the ideal ascending flow and the game resulting in being too imbalanced – too easy or too complex


  • Create flawless mechanics of character movement

  • Create moving and rotating platforms and obstacles with different varieties

  • Create visually interesting platforms and obstacles

  • Create a level with an engaging flow

  • Maintain an engaging theme throughout the level

     Risk Mitigation     

  • Program a functional moving platform

  • Create different forms of platforms out of the first platform

  • Program a functional rotating platform with different variations

  •  Create a playable level with an engaging flow


Player Experience



Each platform and obstacle has a unique challenge for the player, which makes the game fun to play. The challenges are designed in an scaffolding way and in increasingly complex ways over the course of several exercises to have a rewarding progression in gameplay.



Player struggles with being fast enough to maneuver around the platforms and obstacles, which spice up the challenges in the game. 



There are different kinds of platforms and obstacles in this game which adds to the variety of the challenges the player can experience.

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